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Hove Park 5K - Christmas Day

Peter Rudwick 26.21 - PB

Hove Park 5K & Arena 80 Super Series (18.12.10)

Well done to all those who turned up in trying conditions at Hove Park for the last in the Arena 80 Super Series for 2010.

Overall Winners with only 3 in men and women qualifying.

1st Caroline Wood 13pts & Timmy Gedin 8pts - Free membership and 25

2nd Isobel Muir 21pts & Mats Gedin 19pts - 15

3rd Jenny Hughes 30pts & Roger Ockenden 56pts - 10

Lowest points scorer for all races - Isobel Muir 103 pts (completed 10 of 12 events) - 10

Overall Super Series Scores

2011 Arena 80 Super Series - 1st race is Sussex XC Champs at Stanmer on Jan 8th with 2nd race being Feb 6th Chichester 10k

Hove Park 5K (18.12.10)

Michael Rix 18.12

Paul Gasson 20.59

Michael Miller 21.46

Mark Stephenson 22.19 - No club in results

Rick Clarke 22.50

Isobel Muir 23.19

Tam Coleman 23.42

Bob Page 24.04

Jenny Hughes 24.06

Steve Wood 26.57

Julie Drake 33.15

Mince Pie 10 (13.12.10)

4th Mats Gedin 1h 2m 1s

20th Malcolm Roweth 1h 10m

Rhodri Edwards 1h 24m 22s

Tam Coleman 1h 28m 27s

SEAA Masters XC (11.12.10)

1st O45 Caroline Wood 25.13

A80 2nd Team O45 Chris Naylor 26.43, Caroline Wood 25.13 & Tamar Coleman 27.48

Clare Aquilina 27.53

SEAA Inter Counties

Sussex Team

Holly Wheeler 22.49 (13th)

Gemma Sharp 23.45 (21st)

Duck Pond Waddle (05.12.10)

Rick Clarke 1h 14m 50s

Fiona Jamie 1h 15m 46s

Sharon Young 1h 15m 47s

Jenny Hughes 1h 17m 23s

Tamar Coleman 1h 18m 04s

Bob Page 1h 18m 42s

Yasmin Coleman 1h 20m 27s

Florence Marathon

8th Fiona Clark 2h 48m 25s (Well done on 1st ever marathon)

Plumpton Sussex XC League (27.11.10)


Match 2 2nd Div 1, 1st/5th/8th & 13th Div 2.

After 2 matches 3rd Div 1, 2nd/7th Div 2

1st Julie Briggs 20.18 - and 1st O35

5th Gemma Sharp 21.22 - 3rd SW

13th Caroline Wood 22.23 - 3rd O45

25th Chris Naylor 23.43 - 1st O55

29th Julie Drake 24.01

30th Emma Rollings 24.06

32nd Tam Coleman 24.15

36th Juliette Roberts 24.36

37th Jo Farrow 24.36

39th Fiona Jamie 24.48

40th Jenny Hughes 24.56

46th Lydia Burgess-Gamble 25.40

48th Sue Brumwell 25.43

53rd Isobel Muir 26.01

76th Alex Sutton 31.46



Match 2 4th Div 1, 5th/13th/20th Div 3, Vets 5th/13th/26th/39th

After 2 matches 4th Div 1, 5th/12th Div 3, Vets 3rd/12th/25th

18th Chris Callaghan 33.44

20th Timmy Gedin 33.58

27th Chralton Rudwick 34.51

34th Andrew Ridley 35.38

44th Malcolm Roweth 36.30

48th Steve McNealy 36.41

69th Peter Knee 38.55

77th Leo Carne 39.50

82nd Neil Tulley 40.14

86th Phil Penfold 40.34

100th Matthew Nott 42.20

114th Des Doran 44.38

127th Roger Ockenden 48.41

129th Peter Rudwick 51.06

130th John Mason 52.39

Brighton 10k (21.11.10)

Men 3rd and Women 2nd

Women Win Sussex 10k Challenge - Julie Briggs wins Fastest 10k of Series.

Timmy Gedin 34.09

Mats Gedin 34.50

Paul Church 35.47 - PB

Charlton Rudwick 36.10 - PB

Julie Briggs 36.43

Andy Ridley 36.59

Peter Knee 39.48 - PB

Stuart Stoneham 40.37

Keith Churchward 40.38 - PB

Keith Turner 40.55

Kevin Martin 41.28 - PB

Chris Naylor 41.46

Michael Miller 42.14

Leo Carne 43.10

Sue Brumwell 44.14

Isobel Muir 44.18

Louise Payne 45.01

Matthew Nott 45.09

Eddie Winter 50.50

Roger Ockenden 51.14

Peter Rudwick 53.17 - PB

Julia Mason 56.45

Phoenix Races (14.11.10)

U9G 1st Scarlett Miller

U11B 18th Henry Miller

Phoenix Races 5 Mile (14.11.10)

Women 1st Team (6pts)

1st Carline Hoyte 28.07 (Course record)

2nd Holly Wheeler 29.40

3rd Julie Briggs 30.36

Chris Naylor 34.18 (1st W55+)

Tam Coleman 36.08

Sue Brumwell 36.48

Isobel Muir 37.19


Michael Miller 34.51

Oliver Philips 36.12

Roger Ockenden 40.53

Womens 1 Mile

2nd Senior Isobel Muir 6.26

Foxtrot 5 WSFRL (07.11.10)

Roger Ockenden 36.48

John Mason 40.46

Warren Hill ESXCL (07.11.10)

Charlton Rudwick 29.25 - 1st AG

Andrew Ridley 29.36

Steve McNealy 31.08

Caroline Wood - 1st AG

Clare Aquilina 33.27 - 2nd AG

Tam Coleman 35.50 - 3rd AG

Chris Naylor 35.56 - 1st AG

Isobel Muir 36.33 - 2nd AG

Jenny Hughes 37.20

Bob Page 38.07

Yasmin Coleman 38.29

Mike Naylor 40.24

Jonathan Britten 41.30

Peter Rudwick 42.41

Reigate Relays (06.11.10)

9th Men

21st Timmy Gedin 14.37

51st Mats Gedin 15.35

51st Andrew Ridgley 15.35

73rd Steve McNealy 16.22

88th Malcolm Roweth 16.47

95th Leo Carne 17.07

100th Peter Knee 17.20

105th Phil Penfold 17.38

120th Matthew Nott 18.32

132nd Isobel Muir 19.28

Hove Park 5K (06.11.10)

Keith Churchward 19.36 - PB

Scarlett Miller 24.40 - PB

Barns Green 1/2 Marathon (31.10.10)

9 Michael Rix 1h 16m 03s

16 Mats Gedin 1h 18m 10s 1st AG

24 Timmy Gedin 1h 19m 48s

47 Paul Church 1h 22m 47s

48 Chris Callaghan 1h 22m 47s

49 Charlton Rudwick 1h 22m 47s

273 Kevin Martin 1h 36m 32s

399 Rick Clarke 1h 41m 02s

453 Louise Payne 1h 43m 23s

711 Marilyn Gray 1h 51m 54s

1118 Jonathan Britten 2h 03m 19s

1149 Peter Rudwick 2h 04m 53s

Beachy Head Marathon (23.10.10)

24th Malcolm Roweth 3h 36m 34s (PB)

Goodwood Sussex League (23.10.10)

Women 5th place in Div 1 / 3rd & 12th in Div 2.

13th Caroline Wood 19.51

30th Tamar Coleman 21.42

34th Fiona Jamie 22.11

36th Jo Farrow 22.23

37th Isobel Muir 22.32

39th Emma Rollings 22.41

40th Yasmin Coleman 2244

46th Jenny Hughes 22.58

51st Marilyn Gray 23.13

Men 5th Div 1 / 7th & 15th Div 3 / 3rd,13th & 23rd Vets.

20th Timmy Gedin 27.56

32nd Mats Gedin 28.54

37th Paul Church 29.41

52nd Andrew Ridley 30.38

60th Steve McNealy 31.02

69th Julian Hollingdale 31.42

77th Peter Knee 32.26

88th Leo Carne 33.22

94th Phil Penfold 33.47

113th Matthew Knott 36.27

123rd Colin Bushby 38.39

127th Roger Ockenden 40.12

130th Jonathan Britten 41.46

Great South & British 10 Miles Champs (24.10.10)

Arena Women 2nd Team Fiona, Vicki & Gemma

15th Fiona Clarke 59m 05s

1st AG Vicki Boyle 1h 03m 13s

9th AG Gemma Sharp 1h 03m 59s

2nd AG Caroline Wood 1h 07m 39s

Stuart Stoneham 1h 08m 48s

Hove Park 5K (23.10.10)

Keith Churchward 19.44 - PB

Steepdown WSFRL (17.10.10)

30th Marc Steene 32.55

36th Phil Penfold 33.22

50th David Brindley 34.33

108th Roger Ockenden 39.08

Whitbread Hollow ESXCL (17.10.10)

13th Charlton Rudwick 31.30 - 2nd M40

21st Andrew Ridley 32.18

25th Steve McNealy 32.56

44th Caroline Wood 34.37 - 1st F45

84th Tam Coleman 37.57 - 2nd F45

104th Isobel Muir 39.44 - 4th SW

109th Emma Rollings 40.08

110th Vicki Boyle 40.08

145th Jonathon Britten 45.36

151st Peter Rudwick 46.55

National 4 Stage Relays Sutton Park (16.10.10)

Arena Women 12th 62m 44s (Winners Aldershot 58m 14s)

Fiona Clark 14.54

Vicki Boyle 16.34

Gemma Sharp 16.35

Caroline Hoyte 14.41 (9th fastest)

Hickstead Gallop (10.10.10)

1st Timmy Gedin 31m 29s

2nd Mats Gedin 32m 00s

7th Julie Briggs 32m 39s

14th Julian Hollingdale 33m 32s

123rd Roger Ockenden 44m 00s

Jog Shop Jog 20 Miles (10.10.10)

11th Charlton Rudwick 2h 30m 35s

82nd David Mason 3h 8m 16s

83rd Ian Parsons 3h 9m 5s

Hove Park 5k (09.10.10)

Paul Church 17.47 - PB

Sue Brumwell 21.34 - PB

Lewes Downland 10Miles (03.10.10)

1st Team Men A80 by miles

2nd Mats Gedin 63m 36s

3rd Timmy Gedin 64m 23s

8th Charlton Rudwick 66m 23s

15th Julian Hollingdale 70m 00s

109th David Mason 85m 10s

Sussex XC Relay Champs Goodwood (02.10.10)

Men - Seniors

11th A80 Timmy Gedin 13.38, Mats Gedin (v50) 14.22, Paul Church 14.37,  Julian Holllingdale (v40) 14.50

15th A80 Leo Carne 15.58, Matthew Nott (v40) 17.04,  ??? (v40) 15.05, Roger Ockenden (v60) 19.49

Men - Vets

4th A80 Donald Maclellan 15.05, Phil Penfold (v50) 16.30,  Peter Knee 15.52,  Steve McNealy 15.00

Women - Seniors

1st A80 Gemma Sharp  15.34,  Caroline Hoyte  13.39,  Julie Briggs (v35) 14.23

5th A80 Isobel Muir 17.23,  Juliette Roberts  17.34,  Vicki Boyle (v35)  15.34

Women - Vets

1st A80 Clare Aquilina (v45)  15.56,  Chris Naylor (v55) 17.14,  Tamar Coleman (v45) 17.45  

Non Scoring Alex Sutton (v45) 22.08,  Fiona Jamie (v45) 18.27

Bramhall Park Run 5k (02.10.10)

1st Woman Caroline Wood 20.30

Sussex XC Relays Goodwood (02.10.10)


1st Senior Arena 80 (Gemma Sharp, Caroline Hoyte (fastest leg), Julie Briggs)

Firle Half Marathon (26.09.10)

4th Charlton Rudwick 1h 29m

31st Claire Aquilina 1h 43m - 2nd Lady

272nd Alex Sutton 2h 33m

Sussex 10k Champs Bexhill (26.09.10)

9th Paul Church 37m 43s

South of England 4 Stage Relays (25.09.10) - Highest Ever Finish by a Sussex Womens Team

Arena women come 2nd their highest ever placing.

Fiona Clark 13m 08s - 7th Fastest

Gemma Sharp 14m 48s

Julie Briggs 13m 39s - 17th Fastest

Caroline Hoyte 12m 52s - 4th Fastest

Keith Storms Great North Run (19.09.10)

Keith Turner 1h 32m 53s (PB) - Winner of assisted race. 4m 25s / km

Jim Roberts - Guide

Chestnut Tree House Appeal 10k (12.09.10)

116th Louise Payne 45m 02s 1st F45

132nd Stuart Stoneham 45m 32s

Hellingly 10k & A80 Super Series (12.09.10)

Women 3rd team

Latest Super Series Latest Super Series

5th Timmy Gedin 36.25 (1pt)

9th Mats Gedin 37.08 (2pts)

35th Caroline Wood 42.12 (2nd Woman) (1pt)

62nd Des Doran 45.34 (3pts)

69th Jenny Hughes 46.11 (1st O45) (2pts)

93rd Isobel Muir 48.16 (3pts)

102nd Bob Page 49.01 (4pts)

117th Eddie Winter 51.55 (5pts)

129th Roger Ockenden 52.56 (6pts)

Sussex 800m O45 Champs (11.09.10)

1st Jenny Hughes 2m 42s (SB)

Fittleworth WSFRL (05.09.10)

Fantastic effort and well worth it as we were 1st team, hooray.

2nd Timmy Gedin 29.24

7th Chris Callaghan 31.18

8th Mats Gedin 31.22

9th Charlton Rudwick 31.32

12th Paul Church 32.20

14th Julian Hollingdale 32.30

27th Peter Knee 34.50

31st Phil Penfold 34.59

33rd Steve McNealy 35.04

34th Caroline Wood 35.11

50th Marc Steene 36.16

52nd David Mason 36.40

54th Jim Watson 35.53

57th Chris Naylor 37.08

63rd Duncan Churchill 37.36

65th David Brindley 37.37

77th Mark Stephenson 38.48

87th Matthew Nott 39.27

91st Juliette Roberts 39.43

145th Isobel Muir 43.17

153rd Jonathan Britten 43.33

156th Roger Ockenden 43.38

160th Emma Rollings 43.50

203rd John Mason 47.22

226th Julia Mason 49.43

230th Peter Rudwick 49.56

Hyde Park 5k (05.09.10)

11th Caroline Hoyte 16m 26s (PB & New British O40 Best Time)

22nd Julie Briggs 17m 38s

BBB10K (05.09.10)

Eddie Winter 52m 37s

Bristol Half Marathon (05.09.10)

Gemma Sharp 1h 27m 08s (PB)

Hove Park 5k (04.09.10)

Keith Churchward 19.49 (PB)

John Mason 25.51 (PB)

Crawley Open 800m (30.08.10)

Isobel Muir 2m 33.16s (PB) - 2nd Senior

Jenny Hughes 2m 46.41s (SB) - 1st Vet

Kings Head Canter 5k (30.08.10)

15th Charlton Rudwick 18m 26s

30th Caroline Wood 20m 22s - 2nd Female

41st Chris Naylor 21m 03s - 1st Vet Age

42nd Mark Stephenson 21m 10s

94th Eddie Winter 24m 41s

97th Roger Ockenden 24m 45s

201st Mike Naylor 40m 08s

Newick 10k & A80 Super Series (29.08.10)

4th Richard Burgess-Gamble 33m 59s (1pt)

9th Timmy Gedin 36m 03s (2pts)

18th Mats Gedin 38m 09s (3pts)

19th Paul Church 38m 17s (4pts)

25th Charlton Rudwick 38m 58s (5pts)

87th (10th vet) Jenny Hughes 46m 18s (1pt)

88th (11th vet) Louise Payne 46m 27s (2pts)

116th Bob Page 48m 45s (6pts)

Latest Super Series

Arundel Castle 10k (29.08.10)

Eddie Winter 52m 59s

Henfield Half Marathon

1st Charlton Rudwick 1h 25m 43s

2nd Paul Church 1h 26m 12s

71st Rick Clarke 1h 46m 46s

Inter-Counties 3K - Ashford (15.08.10)

1st Fiona Clark 9m 39.58s

B&H Open Meeting (11.08.10)

800m - Paul Gasson 2:25:55

           Isobel Muir    2:36:49 PB
3000m - Caroline W 11:25:78 PB
             Mark S      11:29:86 PB
Hove Park 5k (24.07.10)

PB Charlton Rudwick 17.54 PB

PB Scarlett Miller 26.10 PB

A80 Adur Challenge & Super Series (20.07.10)

This years winner was rookie Chris Callaghan who not only won galloping passed horses but on careful reflection also broke the course record. Charlton Rudwick had a stormer of a run to finish 2nd and break his PB by 2m 11s.

Timmy Gedin also beat the old course record and beat the previous holder Mats Gedin into the bargain, a wonderful gutsy run. Mats in order to atone for his poor showing, 9 secs slower than last year, ran the course again.

Tam Coleman who was the first woman smashed her PB from 2002 by 47 seconds. Isobel Muir went into windmill mode and sprung a surprise on Caroline Wood by coming fast on the outside to dip for 2nd  place.

There were also several first timers in the form of Paul Church, Louise Payne, Lydia Burgess-Gamble and two Chumley-Warner's in the form of Mark Halls and Ray Matthews.

PB's also for Isobel Muir, Mark Stephenson, Caroline Wood, Kevin Martin & Sue Brumwell.

Thanks to Robin Hopkins & Andy Payne for having to suffer standing still for course of race so they could record finish times, tough job but if anybody was suited to it they were.

Super Series now updated after 7 events, 5 to go so if you have done at least 2 your still in with a shout, next super series at end of Aug at Newick 10k (Grand Prix event).

ADUR Challenge 2010  
    Finish Position Run Time Super Series PB  
Chris Callaghan 1 34.23 1 N/A Champion
Course Record
Charlton Rudwick 2 35.51 3 Y 2nd Man
Tam Coleman 3 44.56 4 Y 1st Woman
Paul Church 4 38.00 5 N/A  
Timmy Gedin 5 34.47 2 N/A  
Michael Miller 6 41.34 7 N  
Steve McNealy 7 39.41 6 N  
Steve Wood 8 47.16 13 N  
Mats Gedin 9 36.34 4 N  
Mark Stephenson 10 43.56 12 Y  
Isobel Muir 11 44.29 3 Y 2nd Woman
Caroline Wood 12 41.33 1 Y  
Kevin Martin 13 41.55 9 Y  
Louise Payne 14 46.14 6 N/A  
Duncan Churchill 15 43.19 10 N  
Chris Naylor 16 43.21 2 N  
Jim Watson 17 43.29 11 N  
Roger Ockenden 18 51.10 14 N  
Colin Hannant 19 41.50 8 N  
Lydia Burgess-Gamble 20 45.23 5 N/A  
Sue Brumwell 21 46.42 7 Y  
Jenny Hughes 22 47.46 8 N  
Julia Mason 23 57.32 9 N  
John Mason 23 57.32 15 N  
Mark Halls G 36.53 Guest N/A  
Ray  Matthews G 39.29 Guest N/A  
Beach Run 5M (18.07.10)

7th Julian Hollingdale 32.14
Louise Payne 39.23
Roger Ockenden 42.50
John Mason 46.53

Hove Park 5k (17.07.10)

PB Henry Miller 22.49 PB

Rye 10k (16.07.10)

Eddie Winter 51.17

Crawley AC Open (14.07.10)


2nd SW Isobel Muir 2m 37.22
1st Vet Jenny Hughes 2m 52.47


1st SW Caroline Hoyte 9m 36.63

Wivelsfield Wobble (11.07.10)

6th Charlton Rudwick 28.46
Paul Gasson 30.43
David Mason 33.57
Eddie Winter 38.33
Roger Ockenden 39.04
Julian Hollingdale 43.40
Julia Mason 44.44
John Mason 44.45

Hove Park 5k (10.07.10)

PB Scarlett Miller 27.05 PB

Steyning Roundhill Romp (07.07.10)

1st Julie Briggs 35.13
David Mason 41.30
Rhodri Edwards 41.53
Duncan Churchill 41.54
Jo Farrow 42.49
Eddie Winter 47.23
Roger Ockenden 49.13
Julia Mason 57.32
John Mason 57.33

Bewl 15 (04.07.10)

13th Mats Gedin 1h 36m 33s
Marilyn Gray 2h 21m 01s

Heathfield 10k / Sussex 10k Challenge / A80 Super Series (27.06.10)

Paul Church 40.48 (1pt)
Kevin Martin 44.34 (2pts)
Caroline Wood 44.43 (1pt)
Mark Stephenson 47.38 (3pts)
Jenny Hughes 48.25 (2pts)
Isobel Muir 48.27 (3pts)
Roger Ockenden 54.50 (4pts)
Eddy Winter 57.32 (5pts)

Latest Super Series

Crawley AC Open (23.06.10)

800m Isobel Muir 2m 38.2s

800m Jenny Hughes 2m 2m 49.44s

1500m Gemma Sharp 5m 12.39s

Midsummer 5 (23.06.10)

Andy Payne 30.24
Caroline Wood 33.26 - 1st V45 & 3rd Overall
Mark Stephenson 34.48
Louise Payne 37.21
Roger Ockenden 40.18

Downlands School 5M Fun Run

Malcolm Roweth 30.27
Jenny Hughes 35.12
Bob Page 35. 54
Eddie Winter 37.29
Roger Ockenden 38.27

BMC Grand Prix (12.06.10) - 5k

Caroline Hoyte 16m 17.1s PB

Salomon South Downs Marathon (12.06.10)

21st Malcolm Roweth 3h 32m 40s

Worthing 10k (09.06.10)

Timmy Gedin 35.43
Mats Gedin 36.45
Charlton Rudwick 38.36
Paul Church 38.50
Paul Gasson 39.01
David Mason 42.32
Jo Farrow 43.59
Isobel Muir 44.34
Ian Parsons 44.46
Jenny Hughes 44.54
Louise Payne 45.29
Tam Coleman 46.51
Julia Mason 56.29
John Mason 56.32

Seaford Half-Marathon (06.06.10)

2nd Mats Gedin 1h 26.05

Hove Park 5k (06.06.10)

Paul Gasson 18.51
Graham Shorter 23.00
Roger Ockenden 23.47
Julia Mason 27.25
John Mason 27.29

Newry City Marathon

Kevin Martin 3h 17m 12s

BUPA London 10k

201st Caroline Wood 40:49 1st F 45-49

337th Mark Stephenson  42:59 7th M 50-54
Lindfield Village Run 10.5km (31.05.10)

1. 41.15 Timmy Gedin
3. 41.59 Mats Gedin

Bexhill 5k (26.05.10)

Eddie Winter 23.52
Roger Ockenden 24.50

Hove Park Run 5k (22.05.10)

Elliot Box 19.49 - PB
Henry Miller 23.09 - PB

Chichester 10k WSFRL (19.05.10)

Isobel Muir 52.11
Roger Ockenden 54.24
John Mason 62.00

Manchester 10k (16.05.10)

Fiona Clark 36m 25s

Bognor Prom 10k (16.05.10)

1st LV40 Julie Briggs 37.31
11th Andy Payne 37.55
3rd LS Gemma Sharp 38.37
1st LV50 Clare Aquilina 42.04
Louise Wise 45.33
Roger Ockenden 50.17

Hove Park Run 5k (15.05.10)

John Mason 26.01 PB

Horsham 10k and A80 Super Series (09.05.10)

1st FV45 Caroline Wood 40.51
Mark Stephenson 43.10
Isobel Muir 45.01
Roger Ockenden 50.18
Eddie Winter 52.50

Bristol 10k (09.05.10)

6th Caroline Hoyte 34.39
24th Julie Briggs 37.30
29th Gemma Sharp 37.53

Hove Park Run (08.05.10)

Scarlett Miller 27.35

Barcombe 10k (03.05.10)

1st Woman Jenny Hughes 48m 10s

3 Forts 1/2 Marathon (02.5.10)

10th Malcolm Roweth 1h 36m 35s

Hove Park 5K (01.05.10)

Reuben Hoyte 19.59 - PB

London Marathon (25.04.10)

24th Louise Vallier 2h 56m 6s
88th Vicky Boyle 3h 7m 19s
Simon Maggs 3h 40m 15s
Duncan Churchill 3h 40m 40s
Steve Chalkley 3h 42m 42s

Bluebell 10k (25.04.10)

Paul Gasson 42m 07s - 2nd Super Vet
Caroline Wood 43m 39s -1st VW40
Mark Stephenson 46m 48s
Isobel Muir 48m 10s
Colin Bushby 51m 05s
Eddie Winter 54m 51s

Crawley Open 3k (18.04.10)

Caroline Hoyte 9m 53.65s

Hartfield 10k (18.04.10)

Eddie Winter 53m 57s
Roger Ockenden 54m 40s

Brighton Marathon (18.04.10)

(Gun / Chip)

17th Andy Payne 2h 49m 34s / 2h 49m 26s
20th Mats Gedin 2h 51m 52s / 2h 51m 50s
75th Charlton Rudwick 3h 04m 09s / 3h 03m 51s
102nd Stuart Stoneham 3h 07m 30s / 3h 07m 12s
196th Kevin Martin 3h 15m 21s / 3h 15m 03s
370th Sean Covey 3h 26m 33s / 3h 26m 23s
591 Timmy Gedin 3h 33m 10s / 3h 33m 08s
776th Lynne Patterson 3h 39m 15s / 3h 36m 39s
854th Ian Parson 3h 41m 35s / 3h 40m 28s
873rd Sue Brumwell 3h 42m 14s / 3h 41m 18s
981st Rhodri Edwards 3h 45m 02s / 3h 43m 58s
1010th Michael Miller 3h 45m 39s / 3h 45m 20s
1201st David Mason 3h 50m 15s / 3h 49m 00s
2166th Julie Drake 4h 08m 46s / 4h 07m 19s
2885th Nigel Wright 4h 22m 32s / 4h 18m 26s
3649 Celia Wilson 4h 35m 43s / 4h 30m 07s
4544th Patrick Newman 4h 52m 41s / 4h 45m 10s
4732 Niall Griffin 4h 56m 07s / 4h 46m 22s
4929 Julia Mason 4h 59m 09s / 4h 51m 32s
5862 Peter Dawes 5h 21m 44s / 5h 05m 59s

6266 Ragnvi Robson 5h 34m 22s / 5h 15m 53s

Hove Park 5K (17.04.10)

Isobel Muir 20.37 (PB)
Bob Page 22.10 (PB)
Henry Miller 23.37 (PB)
John Mason 26.04 (PB)

Madrid Half Marathon (11.04.10)

Hywel Jones 1h 29m

Portslade HedgeHoppers 5 (11.04.10)

Jim Watson 36.05
Isobel Muir 39.38
Roger Ockenden 42.51
John Mason 46.13

Sussex Road Relays & 4th A80 Super Series (10.04.10)

Senior Women
1st - Fiona Clark 10.59, Julie Briggs 11.45, Caroline Hoyte 11.11
6th - Caroline Wood 12.52, Isobel Muir 13.36, Gemma Sharp 12.16
17th - Emma Rollings 16.25, Jenny Hughes 14.12, Juliette Roberts 15.47

O40 Women
2nd Clare Aquilina 13.22, Fiona Jamie 14.04, Chris Naylor 13.21

Senior Men
6th Chris Callaghan 10.58, Timmy Gedin 10.43, Jim Roberts 11.34, Andrew Ridley 12.04, Stuart Stoneham 12.33, Elliott Box 12.55

O40 Men
7th Charlton Rudwick 11.49, Mats Gedin 11.35, Julian Hollingdale 12.10, Steve McNealy 12.37
NS Peter Knee 12.27, Kevin Martin 13.16, David Brindley 14.03, Mats Gedin 11.44

O50 Men
3rd Paul Gasson 11.53, Michael Miller 12.59, Phil Penfold 12.43
8th Mark Stephenson 12.58, Bob Page 14.04, John Mason 16.49

O60 Men
6th Mike Naylor 13.39, Colin Bushby 15.15, Roger Ockenden 15.36

Latest Super Series

Hove Park 5k (10.04.10)

Reuben Hoyte 20.08 PB

Lewes 10k WSFRL(05.04.10)

Charlton Rudwick 40.37
Julian Hollingdale 43.01
David Mason 47.31
Rhodri Edwards 51.48
Eddie Winter 54.53
Roger Ockenden 55.33
John Mason 57.56
Julia Mason 63.16
Alex Sutton 68.02

Hove Park 5k (03.04.10)

Paul Gasson 18.35 PB
Isobel Muir 20.58 PB
Julia Mason 26.20 PB

Cranleigh 15 & 21 Miles (28.03.10)

17th Mats Gedin 2h 18m 26s (21 miles)
49th Timmy Gedin 2h 30m 29s (21 miles)

145th Niall Griffiths 2h 33m 15s (15 miles)

Worthing 20 Mile (28.03.10)

9th Andy Payne 2h 6m 40s
David Mason 2h 31m 38s
Sean Covey 2h 33m 01s
Jeremy Donegan 3h 6m
Julia Mason 3h 34m 55s

Eastleigh 10k (28.03.10)

Fiona Clarke 34m 47s
Caroline Hoyte 35m 20s
Louise Vallier 37m 22s
Julie Briggs 37m 39s

BMAF National Masters 1500m (28.03.10)

1500m 3rd Paul Gasson 4m 47s

Mels Milers 10K (28.03.10)

3rd Overall - 1st age group Caroline Wood 41.53
Mark Stephenson 44.33
2nd age group Jenny Hughes 45.22
Bob Page 46.41
Eddie Winter 50.40
Roger Ockenden 51.29

Chichester Corporate Challenge (24.03.10)

Roger Ockenden 21m 47s

Reading Half Marathon (21.03.10)

Fiona Clarke 77m 12s
Vicky Boyle 85m 24s

Hastings Half Marathon (21.03.10)

Andy Payne 1h 19m 50s
Charlton Rudwick 1h 26m 56s
Julie Drake 1h 58m 38s
Celia Wilson 1h 59m 45s

SEAA Masters XC Champs (14.03.10)

A80 2nd Team O45

Caroline Wood 2nd O45

Clare Aquilina 2nd O50

Chris Naylor 2nd O55

Pett East Sussex XC League & 3rd A80 Super Series (14.03.10)

Mike Naylor 38.33   & Champion O60 (1pt)

Bob Page 38.36 (2pts)

Inter-Counties XC Champs (13.03.10)

63rd Julie Briggs 30m 53s

174th Caroline Wood 33m 47s

Chichester Corporate Challenge (10.03.10)

Roger Ockenden 21m 56s

Bath Half Marathon (07.03.10)

Stuart Stoneham 1h 28m 7s PB
Kevin Martin 1h 29m 7s PB

Steyning Stinger Half Marathon (07.03.10)

104th Jeremy Donegan 2h 10m 2s

Southbourne 5k (07.03.10)

7th & 1st Woman Jenny Hughes 22.17
8th Bob Page 22.29

Plumpton ESXCL (28.02.10)

2nd Chris Callaghan 37.02 - 2nd SM
11th Steve McNealy 40.39
19th Caroline Wood 43.10 - 1st F45
25th Chris Naylor 44.31 - 1st F55
33rd Bob Page 47.22
36th Mark Stephenson 48.48
38th Mike Naylor 49.29 - 1st M60
41st Jenny Hughes 50.15 - 2nd F45
55th Roger Ockenden 60.01
59th Alex Sutton 66.27

Chichester Corporate Challenge (24.02.10)

Roger Ockenden 21m 43s

Sussex XC League Honours 2009/10

Women 4th Men 6th

O35 Women 1st Julie Briggs

O45 Women 2nd Caroline Wood

O55 Women 1st Chris Naylor

Sussex XC League Lancing

Arena 80 Men 5th / Women 2nd

20th Chris Callaghan 32.28
26th Charlton Rudwick 33.15
44th Paul Gasson 35.06
46th Julian Hollingdale 35.12
49th Steve McNealy 35.36
56th Neil Tulley 36.29
60th Peter Knee 36.56
62nd Phil Penfold 37.01
79th Mark Stephenson 39.44
87th Roger Ockenden 45.07

1st Julie Briggs 19.29
13th Caroline Wood 21.13
19th Claire Aquilina 21.53
24th Chris Naylor 22.19
28th Sharon Young 23.02
29th Isobel Muir 23.05
32 Fiona Jamie 23.43
33rd Jenny Hughes 24.28
35th Lara Wetherell 24.37

Sussex Beacon Half Marathon (21.02.10) - Full Results

Andy Payne 1h 22m 42s
Timmy Gedin 1h 25m 30s
Charlton Rudwick 1h 26m 14s
Marc Steene 1h 28m 00s
Stuart Stoneham 1h 29m 27s
Simon Maggs 1h 29m 55s
Kevin Martin 1h 30m 19s
Michael Miller 1h 32m 27s
Malcolm Roweth 1h 32m 57s
David Mason 1h 35m 34s
Sally Manser 1h 42m 01s
Sue Brumwell 1h 42m 17s
Ian Parsons 1h 43m 08s
Tam Coleman 1h 53m 28s
Marilyn Gray 1h 56m 33s
Celia Wilson 1h 58m 51s
Colin Bushby 2h 03m 42s
Julia Mason 2h 10m 23s
John Mason 2h 13m 26s
Alison Nash 2h 21m 42s

Barcelona Half-Marathon (14.02.10)

5th Fiona Clark 76m 05s (PB) Previous PB 79m 20s

1st Joyce Chepkirui 72m 31s

Cross In Hand XC ESXCL (14.02.10)

14th Steve McNealy 37m 28s
23rd Caroline Wood 39m 37s
25th Peter Knee 39m 43s
29th Clare Aquilina 40m 37s
38th Chris Naylor 42m 10s
45th Mark Stephenson 44m 17s
47th Bob Page 44m 30s
51st Jenny Hughes 45m 42s

Chichester 10k & A80 Super Series (07.02.10)

Teams - Men 18th & 53rd / Women 1st & 4th

31st Timmy Gedin 34.46 (1pt)
70th Louise Vallier 37.21 - 2nd F40 (1pt)
71st Julie Briggs 37.21 - 3rd F40 (2pts)
74th Gemma Sharp 37.27 (3pts)
79th Paul Gasson 37.46 (2pts)
125th Simon Maggs 39m 53s (3pts)
156th Caroline Wood 40.16 (4pts)
243rd Mark Stephenson 42.29 (4pts)
286th Isobel Muir 43.26 (5pts)
332nd Ian Parsons 44.44 (5pts)
354th Jenny Hughes 45.04 (6pts)
532nd Bob Page 47.41 (6pts)
620th Jonathan Britten 48.55 (7pts)

Worthing WSFRL 4 miles (31.01.10)

14th Andy Payne 23.33
16th Gary Christie 23.47
18th Paul Gasson 24.00
50th Neil Tulley 25.43
69th Mike Naylor 26.34
76th Isobel Muir 26.52
178th Eddie Winter 30.39
185th Roger Ockenden 30.54
304th Julia Mason 35.24
305th John Mason 35.25

South of England XC Champs at Parliament Hill Fields (30.01.10)

Senior Women - 9th Fiona Clark 32.08
42nd Gemma Sharp 34.52
267th Sally Manser 44.18

East Sussex XC league Ashdown Forest (24.01.10)

A80 5th Team

16th Steve McNealy 36.54
23rd Caroline Wood 38.10 - 1st O45
35th Mark Stephenson 39.54
36th Clare Aquilina 39.56 - 2nd O45
40th Chris Naylor 40.39 - 1st O55
68th Jenny Hughes 44.00
69th Mike Naylor 44.04 - 1st O60
72nd Bob Page 44.19
107th Roger Ockenden 50.35

Sussex XC League Bexhill

Full Results


Arena 80 4th - Overall 3rd

9th Caroline Wood 21.47
27th Chris Naylor 23.24
30th Isobel Muir 23.31
40th Julie Drake 24.15
48th Jenny Hughes 25.27
64th Alex Sutton 32.29


Arena 80 7th - Overall 7th

61st Steve McNealy 35.57
69th Simon Maggs 36.51
71st Neil Tulley 37.06
77th Peter Knee 38.01
88th Mark Stephenson 40.08
101st Roger Ockenden 48.01

Sussex Senior XC Champs & A80 Super Series


1st Team - Fiona Clark (1st), Julie Briggs (3rd), Gemma Sharp (7th), Caroline Wood (16th)

also 8th & 11th teams.


1st 26.24 Fiona Clark
3rd 27.56 Julie Briggs
7th 29.02 Gemma Sharp
16th 30.40 Caroline Wood
27th 32.23 Chris Naylor
31st 32.48 Julie Drake
32nd 32.50 Clare Aquilina
34th 33.22 Jo Farrow
36th 33.26 Isobel Muir
38th 33.50 Fiona Jamie
39th 33.52 Sharon Young
53rd 36.08 Jenny Hughes
54th 36.23 Sally Manser
72nd 46.10 Alexandra Sutton


36th 49.52 Timmy Gedin
39th 50.08 Mats Gedin
64th 55.27 Charlton Rudwick
109th 75.18 Roger Ockenden

Full Results