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Santa Panta


updated 24.11.08


The Junior Section Santa Panta is our Christmas Fun Session

On Monday 15th December 2008 at Withdean Stadium.

Meet at 6:30pm for group warm up. Event starts at 6:50pm.

Please read the following very carefully so you are organised for this year’s Monday night Christmas training session.

What you need to bring with you in addition to your running kit:-

1 Musical Instrument.
1 Jumper.
1 Piece of Swimwear.
1 Bat or Racquet.
1 Ball.
= 5 Items in total.

The Rules:-

1. This is a handicap event therefore the slowest runners start first.
2. First runner to cross the line is the winner – therefore not necessarily the fastest runner will win.
3. At the start, all of the above items must be worn or carried.
4. Free entry to all members and their friends and family.
5. Run 6 x 400m removing an item at the end of each lap. 
6. There will be a mystery task to carry out at the end your penultimate lap before you can continue on to your final lap.
7. Musical Instruments must be played on your mystery final lap to avoid disqualification.
8. Items of clothing must be worn properly and not carried.
9. All non-clothing items must be carried.
10. The Referee’s decision is final (Bob Page/Dave Brindley are the Referees).
11. All items to be taken away at the end of the night.

The Prizes:-

A £25 Jog Shop Voucher will be given to the first Arena Track Kidz member to finish (it can not be won by guest runners that do not attend the weekly Track Kidz training session).

Numerous other spot prizes.

The Prize Giving:-

The Prize Giving will be held after the event in the Clubhouse from 7:30pm.  Please all come along for a light buffet and drinks.  We will also be dong the draw for the Senior member's London Marathon places.

Any Question:-

Ask the event organisers; David Brindley or Julie Drake.

How to enter:-

Use the form below to enter online, or email  or enter on the night.

Online Entry Form:-

Please enter me for The Santa Panta on Monday 15th December 2008 starting at 6:50pm.

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Age on the night:  *  

I understand that I need to bring the listed 5 items along with me on the evening and understand the 11 rules: *        

Click Submit to send your entry to the Event Organisers.